About Team

Hi! My name is Steve Rogers – the founder of AutoNewsPortal. Before digging into my blog, let’s get to know about how I started this journey!

Remember the day when you were driving on a beautiful road, but then you noticed a strange smell in your car? What’s worse, it might stop, leaving you alone without any garage nearby. It sounds terrible, right? 

I was there once. I loved cars, but my passion wasn’t enough to encourage me to learn more about them. That accident was such a nightmare for me. 

Then I realized I could solve your car issues with a bit of knowledge about it, including repair and maintenance tips. Interestingly, many of them are available on the internet. 

I know that many people share the same thoughts. We drive cars a lot, but not all of us understand how important it is to handle our cars’ problems. And that’s why I came up with this blog. 

After years of researching, studying, and experimenting, I have collected many tips for car problem-solving, upkeep, and other auto issues you can avoid. 

Cars have their problems. Even a tiny fault will affect the whole system. But do not panic! I believe that my blog can help you with some. Then, you won’t have to encounter the same issue of being left confused and helpless. 

Hopefully, you will find the best way to fix your car problem on my blog. I keep it updated constantly to address all possible car issues. 

If you have any tips, do not forget to comment and share them with us. It’s how we build up a helpful community. 

So, let’s click on AutoNewsPortal to access my stories!

My Co-Worker – Christel Ann

Hi! My name is Christel Ann . Like Steve, I love cars and want to share my passion and knowledge with everyone. 

I worked in this sector for five years as an editor for a car website. With years of experience, I believe that I can help Steve build his blog and, ultimately, assist readers in solving their car problems. 

I have to work a lot in the garages to write my articles. I also talked with many experts in the industry. And, of course, I have learned some tips that car owners should know. 

Steve and I work every day to write blogs and upgrade our content. So feel free to contact us with questions about your beloved cars. We are always ready to assist you. 

Are you ready? It’s time to be a part of AutoNewsPortal. Let’s join our journey!