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How To Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

How To Bypass Ford PATS Without Key?

Ford’s Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) is one of the top advanced security features worldwide. But what if you lose the chip key? How to bypass Ford PATS system without key?

Bypassing the system can help in such an urgent situation. It’s also a simple press that you can do yourself. So if you choose this solution, we will get you covered.  

This article will also talk about everything around the Ford PATS system, including how it works and its features. Let’s read on to discover!

How Does The Ford PATS System Work

How Does The Ford PATS System Work?

Knowing how the system works is essential before you learn how to bypass Ford PATS system without key

The car alarm system contains a special chip that is directly linked to the key fob. When you press the button on the key fob, the signal is transmitted to the chip inside the PATS system to disengage the alarm.

Each key has a different electronic configuration that works only on a specific chip. Therefore, the chip in Ford’s PATS system will only respond to the original key’s signal. Your car won’t start if someone tries using a replica or false key, preventing theft.

How To Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

How To Bypass Ford PATS Without Key?

Can you bypass PATS system? Yes. Bypassing the Ford PATS without a key is about fooling your automobile as if you use the original key. Yet, you just employ the chip of the key. There are three steps to get your job done: 

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Step 1: Prepare The Tools

You need an RFID chip (from the original key) to bypass Ford’s PATS without a key. Without the signal from the RFID chip, you won’t be successful in starting your car.

Another thing you will need to bypass Ford’s PATS system without the key successfully is a copy of the key.

Therefore, you need several tools to get the job done: 

  • A flathead screwdriver to remove the RFID chip from the key
  • A new key to enter the ignition chamber 
  • Tape to mount the chip as close as possible to the ignition

Step 2: Cut the new key

The first thing you should do is cut the new key to match the original one. You can ask a car dealer to cut it based on the shape of the original key. The new key will then make an impression on the system that you have the right key.  

Step 3: Remove the RFID chip

Use the flathead screwdriver to remove the chip. Be careful not to damage it. Then, follow these steps to bypass the Ford PATS system:

  • Put the RFID chip close or next to the vehicle’s ignition for the car to read the chip.
  • Insert the key and start the car; finding a perfect place to put your transponder may take a few tries. 
  • Mount the transponder using the tape once you find the right spot. 

With the steps above, you have successfully bypassed the security system and started your car without the chip key (12). Your vehicle will feel like you are using the original key and can run again. 

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How To Disable Ford PATS System

How To Disable Ford PATS System?

The PATS system may prevent you from accessing your vehicle when you lose the key. In this case, you will want to disable it. However, this process can increase security risks.

Similar to disabling the transponder key system without key, you can disconnect the Ford PATS system in two ways:

  • Use a key fob
  • Interfere with the wiring system

What Are The Key Features Of The Ford PATS System?

For Ford’s PATS system to work correctly and effectively, it needs several security features.

Lock System

Ford’s locks system relies on other security features like electronic and code locks. Therefore, someone who doesn’t know your car’s electronic password or code cannot access your car’s full functionality.

Alert System

This system uses several security features, including a system that alerts you when someone tries to steal your vehicle and one that alerts if the car changes position.

Therefore, you can track the whereabouts of your car if someone took it without your permission, discouraging theft.

Tracking System

Another security feature in Ford’s PATS is the tracking system. The car’s security system is designed with a GPS that lets you know where your car is at any time.

Pros And Cons Of Bypassing The Ford PATS Without Key

There are multiple solutions to access your Ford when you lose the key, with bypassing being one of the most common options. But learning how to bypass Ford transponder key has pros and cons. So you need to consider it carefully before going for it. 


First, bypassing the system allows you to run your car in urgent situations when you lose the original key. Then, you can drive to the garage to have it fixed. 

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Furthermore, this process is quite easy. Except for the key-cutting part, you can do everything yourself. It helps you bypass the system in a short time. 


Even though you can bypass Ford PATS without key, it will sacrifice your vehicle’s security system. It’s a form of unauthorized access that robbers can learn and invade your vehicle. 

Moreover, bypassing the Ford PATS is not a long-term solution. You still need to buy a new transponder key. 

How To Reset The Ford PATS System?

The Ford PATS system will activate if someone tries to start the car using something other than the programmed key. 

Then, the red light will blaze quicker than usual and remain like this for 15 minutes or until you insert the legitimate key. Otherwise, the SecuriLock immobilizer will work within that period. 

You have to reset the PATS system in case the system can’t normally work after you use the PATS key to start your car. Here is how to do it: 

  • Insert the PATS key and turn it. 
  • Wait 15 minutes until the red light on the dashboard stops flashing and returns to its normal speed. Then, try both keys again. 
  • If the car still won’t start after doing this, open the hood, disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, and reconnect it.


You can bypass Ford PATS without key in three steps. The secret behind this process is to use the RFID chip of the original key to fool your vehicle. 

Bypassing the system is a straightforward procedure. However, you can only consider it a temporary solution. Instead, try to get a transponder key as soon as possible to protect your vehicle’s security system. 

Hopefully, losing the key won’t make you panic next time. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for reading! 

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