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HHR Key Fob Programming

HHR Key Fob Programming: All You Need To Know!

The keyless entry system and key fob technology are still quite new in the automotive industry so not all cars come with them.

Although, these useful features are on Chevy vehicles so they stand out from their competitors. 

With just a single click on your key fob, you can open and lock your car door without even touching it.

That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about the function of the HHR key fob, how to do Chevy HHR key fob programming, what to do when the HHR key fob is not working, and more. 

HHR Key Fob Programming

How Does A Chevy HHR Key Fob Programming Work?

The remote keyless technology allows you to open and close the doors using your key fob. A quick press of the portable remote is all that is necessary to start your car.

When the key fob is with the reader component inside the vehicle’s locking system, it communicates with key fobs using radio frequencies and allows you to open and close the door.

The reader component inside the vehicle’s locking system communicates with key fobs using these frequencies.

A command to lock or unlock the door will be sent when the internal receiver detects the waves. 

On some models, the key fobs can even be used to start the car, among other extra features it can have. 

You may be sure that the Chevy key fob you receive is authentic and will work with your car as smoothly as the old one did when you choose to acquire a replacement from a licensed dealer. For a broader range of vehicles and services, especially in the Houston area, considering a visit to Classicelite.com can be a wise choice.

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Steps In Programming A Chevrolet HHR Key Fob

If you lost your old key fob and purchased a new one but don’t know how to program remote start of your Chevy HHR, you can follow this guide. 

The approach described below uses a key fob that can be easily programmed with a remote key and relies on screen-free programming.

The following are the steps to a Chevy HHR key fob programming:

  1. Take control of the steering wheel and make sure all the doors are shut manually without locking them. Keep the doors unlocked.
  2. Don’t start the car yet; just insert the key into the ignition.
  3. Look to the door adjacent to the driver’s seat, you can see the unlock button. Press it and hold. 
  4. While continuing to hold down the unlock button, move the key by alternating between lock and unlock nearly five times.
  5. Hold the key fob in your hand and push the on and off switches simultaneously for around 10 seconds to make sure your programming is going as planned.
  6. Your success is signaled by the locks making a clicking sound. The lock can engage and disengage in a split second.
  7. To complete the programming process, place the newly programmed key in the ignition while turning it to the “On” position.

Additionally, this also applies to reprogramming a key fob. You just need to follow the above-mentioned instructions since most of the processes are quite similar.

But do these steps apply to all Chevy HHR models? Yes! This guide applies to 2006, 2007, and 2009 Chevy HHR key fob programming

Chevy HHR Key Fob Not Working

Chevy HHR Key Fob Not Working After Programming

Your key fob will not suddenly stop functioning for no reason. So in this section, we will go over several possible causes for your HHR key fob not working.

  • Dead Key Fob Battery

Dead coin batteries are the most typical cause of a key fob in an HHR not working.

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Prior to failing, batteries typically start to degrade.

It seemed conceivable that the battery is getting older when your key fob begins to lose range and eventually ceases working. 

When you wrongly swap the batteries in your HHR key fob, you run the risk of damage. 

Moreover, only use brand-new batteries that match the originals’ dimensions, voltage, and other specifications when replacing exhausted ones.

Make sure the battery is aligned correctly before you insert it.

  • Faulty Battery Connection

The battery inside the HHR key fob is retained by metal clamps to keep them in place and complete the circuit.

When these clamps become loose, contact problems and a potential power failure of the remote may occur.

You should also check if the batteries wiggle when you shake the remote. This is to ensure that they are securely placed inside.

Lastly, check if the contacts are corrosion-free and dust-free as well. Having dirty and corroded terminals may hinder the battery from making connections to the system. 

  • Electrical Problems

If you don’t have an electrical connection in your car, the key fob can’t communicate. Thus, it won’t work.

A dead battery can shut down all electronics and electrically-powered components in your car.

Another possibility would be that the electric current is disrupted because of corroded terminals or ground connections. 

  • Key Fob Is Exposed To Water

Water is stopped from entering your key fob by rubber seals. These seals help prevent the water from causing electrical damage to your remote. 

Although a light sprinkle of water or a brief period of light rain should not harm the chip, chip damage is inevitable when your key fob has prolonged water contact since it will seep past the seals and ruin the inside.

Submerging the key in seawater at the beach may be even more damaging to the key fob’s electronics due to salt water’s extraordinarily high conductivity.

  • Interference With Signals

As previously mentioned, your HHR key fob uses radio frequency to work. 

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Unfortunately, the signal may be interfered with by several factors, such as nearby transmitters operating on the same frequency range, objects, bad weather, and more.

Distance also plays a factor. While you are near the car, the remote key might work; however, at a distance, it might not.

If you’re unlucky, it’s possible that the key fob won’t work if there is a lot of interference. 

  • Faulty Key Fob And Receiver 

If you dropped your HHR key fob, the fall could have damaged the internal chip, causing the remote to stop working. 

After you’ve exhausted all possible reasons why your key fob is not working and none of them check the box, you can conclude that the key fob itself is faulty.

Also, check for a faulty receiver module if none of your key fobs function and you’re unable to reprogram them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Chevy HHR Key Fob Programming Cost?

You can expect to pay between $60 and $200 to program your HHR key fob. 

But it’s still up to your car’s model and condition to determine how much the mechanic charges you. 

However, you don’t have to spend a single cent if you program the remote-start Chevy HHR key fob yourself. 

How Do You Know If Your HHR Key Fob Needs Reprogramming?

When the key fob’s designated unique code malfunctions, the onboard computer cannot identify any signal from the key fob. 

Reprogramming is necessary for the key to restore its function.

How Long Does A Chevy HHR Key Fob Last?

Battery replacement is recommended for the Chevrolet HHR remote key fob at least every 3–4 years.

Battery life depends on usage frequency, operational circumstances, and quality. 

Where To Get A Chevy HHR Replacement Key Fob

You may be sure that the Chevy key fob you receive is authentic and will work with your car as smoothly as the old one did when you choose to acquire a replacement from a licensed dealer


HHR key fob programming is a straightforward task to do. You only need to follow the steps in the guide provided above. 

We hope that this article helped you with your HHR key fob programming issue. 

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