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How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor

How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor?

How to reset mass air flow sensor? This component is essential as it measures how much air enters the engine and can adjust fuel flow accordingly. Over time, it malfunctions, requiring a reset to perform its task effectively. 

Resetting the mass air flow sensor (MAF) can clean the accumulated data. Then, the sensor can recover its default settings. You will notice an improved engine performance after the treatment. 

It’s easy to reset the MAF sensor, but you should pay attention to the details. So are you ready? Please join us, and you can figure it out!

How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor

How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor?

You can reset the MAF sensor by idling the engine or disconnecting the battery. Each method requires different tools and steps. 

Method 1: Idle the engine

Idling the engine can help reset the mass air flow sensor without complicated tools while saving time. You just need paper, a pen, and a contact cleaner. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the engine and wait for it to cool down in about ten minutes. 
  • Find the MAF sensor in your car. It’s often near the throttle body or intake manifold. There is a big electrical connector connected to it. 
  • Disconnect the wiring harness from the MAF by pulling the connector out. 
  • Check the sensor. If it has gotten damaged, replace it. If not, continue the process. 
  • Spray the contact cleaner onto the connector. WD-40 can work well if you don’t have the cleaner. Remember to spray in small amounts. 
  • Turn on your car but do not start the engine. Just leave it there for about five to six seconds. 
  • There are numbers or letters next to “MAF” on the dashboard. You need to write them down. 
  • Turn off your car and disconnect the electrical connector. 
  • Wait for a while so the contact cleaner can work. 
  • Reconnect the electrical connector and start the car. 
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Then, you will notice a warning light and new numbers/letters on the dash. They are the reset readings for your MAF sensor. 

Method 2: Disconnect the battery

Will disconnecting battery reset MAF sensor? Yes, and this method only calls for an adjustable wrench. If the first method sounds complex to you, try these steps:

  • Turn off the car engine and allow it to cool down. 
  • Find the MAF sensor. 
  • Detach the wiring harnesses. 
  • Find the negative terminal of the car battery. 
  • Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the bolt and take the cable out. 
  • Leave your vehicle there for ten minutes. Once you disconnect the battery, your MAF sensor can reset. 
  • After resetting the MAF, reconnect the sensor’s harness and start your car. 

How Can I Test A Mass Air Flow Sensor

How Can I Test A Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Before resetting the MAF sensor, you should check it first. The multimeter will help you with this task, but it’s OK if you don’t have the meter. 

With the multimeter

Testing the MAF sensor using a multimeter helps you diagnose issues with the sensor. Here is how to do it:

  • Find the MAF sensor in your car. 
  • Disconnect the electrical connector from the sensor. 
  • The multimeter can handle many measurement tasks. In this case, you need to set it to measure voltage. 
  • Connect the multimeter’s positive lead to the sensor’s signal wire. 
  • Turn on the engine and allow it to idle. 
  • Check the voltage reading on your multimeter. It should be within the range recommended by the manufacturer, which is often around 0.5 to 0.7V. If the reading on the multimeter exceeds the specified range, your MAF sensor may malfunction. 
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Without the multimeter

Using the multimeter gives an accurate result about your MAF sensor’s condition. However, if you don’t have one, check it visually. 

Observe the wiring harness and sensor for any visible damage. Then, wiggle the wire to see if it’s still securely connected. 

Besides, a faulty MAF may create strange sounds in the engine, such as rough idle and hissing noises. 

Why Is My Mass Air Flow Sensor Not Working? 

Your MAF sensor may fail for some reason, requiring you to reset it. Sometimes, you have to repair or replace it to fix the problem. What to do after replacing the MAF sensor is also a significant task .  

Electrical Issues

The MAF may malfunction because of broken, corroded, or loosened wires in the sensor circuit. The unsteady power supply can also be the cause. 

Besides, the connectors that link the MAF sensor to the wiring harness will get damaged or wear out over time, causing the sensor to malfunction. 

Dirty Sensor

Dirt, debris, and dust accumulate on the MAF sensor over time. The sensor, therefore, can’t measure the amount of air accurately. 

Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues come from physical damage or wear and tear. For example, some elements of the MAF sensor break down because of exposure to debris or physical impacts. As a result, it can’t give correct readings. 

Another reason for the mechanical issues is improper installation. If you align the sensor incorrectly, it can’t handle the airflow as expected. 

When Should You Reset The Mass Air Flow Sensor?

When the MAF sensor malfunctions, your car’s performance will decrease. Hence, you need to reset the MAD sensor to clear its memory of past data and return it to the default settings. It’s necessary to reset it if you notice any of the issues listed below:

Poor Fuel Efficiency

The MAF sensor is in charge of sending airflow data to the engine. So when it fails to inform how much gasoline the engine needs, your car will experience a severe drop in fuel efficiency. 

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Stalled Engine

Your automobile may stall for multiple reasons, with the faulty MAF sensor being the most common one. 

When damaged, the MAF sensor can’t measure the exact amount of air entering the engine. As a result, your car will run too rich or too lean. This issue will disrupt the air/fuel ratio, leading to stalling. 

Hiccups In The Engine

The MAF sensor sends data to the ECM (Engine Control Module). Then, the ECM uses it to adjust the ignition timing and fuel injection. 

As a result, if your MAF sensor can’t work properly, the ECM may get the wrong signal, delivering the wrong amount of fuel to the engine and causing hiccups. 

How To Trick A Mass Air Flow Sensor?

If the MAF sensor of your car malfunctions and you can’t fix it now, you can trick it into operating properly. There are only three steps to achieve this goal:

  • First, drive your car normally and ensure the engine is working at a proper speed. 
  • Open the windows slightly to let some air flow in and out of the sensor. 
  • Close the windows and start the engine. This method should reset the MAF sensor and fix some minimal problems. 

Can You Drive Your Car Without The Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Surprisingly, you can drive without the MAF sensor in some cases. In fact, this sensor helps your car engine work more efficiently, but it doesn’t run the engine. 

Of course, it’s much better to have the MAF sensor in your car while driving. Without the sensor, you will encounter numerous issues related to engine performance. 


We have shared with you how to reset mass air flow sensor. There are two methods to try: idling the engine and disconnecting the battery. It’s also important to check for symptoms of a faulty MAF sensor and reset it when needed. 

Although you can drive without the sensor, it will be much better to have it while driving. And if you detect any issue, fix it as soon as possible to support the engine performance. 

Thank you for reading! 

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