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What Is The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander

What Is The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander?

What is the power mode on a Toyota Highlander? How does it give Toyota drivers a thrilling ride? If you are a Toyota enthusiast, do not miss this article.

Over recent years, vehicle manufacturers have installed multiple driving modes, so you can switch between them depending on your situation. Toyota understands that, and its power mode is what you need for better acceleration and performance.   

We will explain how the power mode achieves this goal, and when you should use it. Let’s see and learn how to activate this feature now! 

What Is The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander

What Is The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander?

What does power mode mean on a Toyota Highlander? The power mode, or PWR mode, allows the internal combustion engine to resume revving. It means that your vehicle’s throttle will respond faster, increasing the acceleration rate whilst improving the vehicle’s smoothness. 

Aside from the throttle, the power mode also adjusts other systems in your Toyota Highlander. For example, the transmission system can shift at higher RPMs, accelerating your car more aggressively. Sometimes you may also find yourself in a situation where Toyota Navigation App is not installed, don’t worry we will help you to solve it 1 easy way!

While the B gear of Toyota focuses on braking, the power mode is useful when passing other vehicles, traveling on the highway, and climbing hills. To some extent, the Toyota PWR mode is similar to a sport mode. 

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According to a test by one Toyota Highlander owner, the vehicle goes from 0-60 km/hour in 6 seconds in normal mode. However, when set in PWR mode, the SUV goes from 0-60 km/hour in just 4.5 seconds.

The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander

How To Turn On The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander?

Turning on power mode for your Toyota Highlander varies depending on the year and model of your vehicle. The location of the power mode can be:

  • On the steering wheel
  • Under the radio
  • New the shift
  • In the console menu

The Toyota PWR mode has a car symbol with the letters “SPORT” or just “S.” It can be a curved arrow in some models.  

After finding the power mode in your Toyota, please follow these steps to activate it:

  • Turn your car on and set it in Neutral or Park mode. 
  • Activate the drive mode first so your car can cycle through multiple driving modes. There will be a message on the dashboard when it reaches power mode. 
  • Wait around 15 seconds until you experience its full effect. 

To turn off the PWR mode, just push the same button. Alternatively, access the option through the console menu where you found it, or select another mode such as eco. It will take a few seconds for your vehicle to change the mode. 

When you turn off your Toyota Highlander, the PWR mode will be automatically deactivated. It means if you always want to drive in power mode, you will need to turn this on every time you start your car manually. 

Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander

Pros And Cons Of The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander

The Toyota PWR mode is an excellent addition to your SUV. However, not all drivers love it. Here are some pros and cons when setting your Toyota to this mode. 


  • Better acceleration: One of the primary benefits of the Power Mode on your Toyota is improved acceleration. By enhancing the throttle response, the vehicle can speed up smoothly and quickly. 
  • Improved performance: Because this mode increases the engine power, torque, and RPM, your SUV will perform better. 
  • Easier control: This mode helps you take curves and corners confidently. 
  • Faster cooling and heating: The power mode increases the cooling fan’s speed when turned on. It also adjusts the AC to make the heating and cooling process faster. 
  • Better driving experience: The improved performance makes driving more enjoyable, especially if you love speed. 
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  • Decreased fuel economy: The power mode uses more power, resulting in more fuel consumption. 
  • Wear and tear: This mode places more stress on the engine components. Over time, they will wear out quickly, requiring regular maintenance and replacement. 
  • Reduced traction: The enhanced power output causes the tires to lose traction, especially in slippery and wet conditions. It can be dangerous, and you may even lose control. 
  • Shortened engine lifespan: If you use the power mode too often, the engine components will have to handle more stress. Your Care Plus program will come in handy now. 

When Should You Turn On The Power Mode On A Toyota Highlander?

It’s not a good idea to drive your Toyota Highlander with the power mode too often. However, there are some cases where you want to activate this mode, such as:

Quick Acceleration

A good time to turn the power mode on your Toyota Highlander is during situations that require more immediate/responsive acceleration. It can be when you want to overtake a long vehicle, such as a truck or multiple cars.  

Towing Heavy Loads

If you plan to tow a trailer or transport a heavy load, the power mode provides more towing capacity without sacrificing performance. You can also control your Toyota better because it doesn’t strain under heavy weight.  

Hilly Terrains

While navigating rocky or mountainous terrain, the power mode might offer better control over your car. Thanks to its superior handling and quicker acceleration, you can effortlessly handle uphill and descent. 

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Sporty Experience

If you love speed, you won’t want to miss the power mode in Toyota Highlander. Since it allows dynamic acceleration, you will have an engaging driving experience, especially in winding conditions.  

What Is The Difference Between Power Mode And Eco Mode?

Their focus is the most significant difference between the power and eco modes on your Toyota Highlander. While the power mode gives you better performance, the eco mode prioritizes fuel efficiency. 

The eco mode relieves pressure from the engine. Then, it does not have to work as hard to power multiple car components simultaneously, improving fuel efficiency.

However, the eco mode dampens your inputs into the electronic control module. As a result, you must push down harder on your acceleration pedal to get the same acceleration as a lightly pushed pedal in power mode.

To sum it up, it takes you longer to access the Toyota Highlander’s full power in eco mode. On the other hand, the Toyota PWR mode gets you to full power faster and makes your vehicle feel smoother. 


We have discussed “What is the power mode on a Toyota Highlander?” Basically, it’s a driving mode that provides a more dynamic and responsive driving experience.

However, besides the benefits in terms of speed and performance, you should be careful when setting this mode. If you use it too much, your vehicle components will wear out quickly. The fuel efficiency decreases, too. 

It would be best to learn which mode to use on different terrains. And if you want to get the most out of your Toyota Highlander, the power mode will be a good choice. 

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