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Toyota Corolla B Gear: Things You Should Know

Corolla is the name of the subcompact automobile models manufactured by Toyota. It has many modern features, with the Toyota Corolla B gear being one of the most outstanding. 

This gear setting affects your car’s braking system and engine. It sounds complicated and confusing to some people, but you can understand everything about it after checking this guide. 

We will give you comprehensive guidance on the Toyota Corolla B gear, including its working system, pros, and cons. So let’s get into the details! 

What Is Toyota Corolla B Gear

What Is Toyota Corolla B Gear?

You may wonder, “What is B gear in Toyota Corolla hybrid?” In fact, B here stands for “Engine Braking” or “Brake.” 

Toyota introduced the Corolla B gear in the 1990s as a transmission feature. It is a system that increases engine resistance to aid in the stability and braking of your vehicle. 

An automatic transmission car’s gearbox always operates in first gear when set to mode B. In this case, the engine can produce more torque. 

How Does Toyota Corolla B Gear Work

How Does Toyota Corolla B Gear Work?

Gear B generates drag for your vehicle. When a hybrid vehicle with an automatic gearbox running on mechanical and electric systems, this drag provides the strongest braking force.

When you shift the gear to B level, your car can go back to the low gear, similar to level 1, 2, or L in some cars. It means the vehicle can go downhill while you don’t have to strain yourself to brake. 

But, if the braking system has to run continuously, it might quickly get overheated and fail to work. As a result, you must drive on the hill carefully, especially if your car is transporting bulky cargo.

How To Use The Toyota Corolla B Gear?

Now you understand how the Toyota Corolla B gear works. It will then be much easier to learn how to use it. The instructions are as follows:

  • Reduce your car’s speed first for safety purposes. Doing this by switching to a lower gear and easing on your accelerator pedal. 
  • Find the B button on the gear shifter. Then, press it to shift your gear to B. During this step, try not to move your shifter. 
  • Your engine will create a loud roaring noise as the B gear activates. The noise is normal, and do not let it distract you from your road. 
  • After passing the hill and moving to a level path, shift out of the B gear to save battery power and fuel. You can shift back to gear D instead. 
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Toyota Corolla B Gear


Pros And Cons Of Using The Toyota Corolla B Gear

The Toyota Corolla B gear offers several benefits. However, do not always use it as it also comes with drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of the gear. 


  • Extra power

As it stays in first gear, the B gear has more torque. Your car will then have more braking power, which is advantageous when driving downhill or pulling a heavy load. 

  • Stability

The B gear improves steering stability and control. You can take advantage of this feature when driving on rainy or slippery roads without worrying about sliding. 

  • Reduced collision risk

One of the most important reasons to utilize B gear is safety. More specifically, shifting into the B gear will avoid a potential accident when descending a hill.


  • Strain on the engine

If you use the B gear shift Toyota Corolla too often, your engine may have a shorter life. As a result, only shift to that gear when necessary. Also, disengage it once you don’t need extra stability and power.  

  • Decreased fuel efficiency

The B gear will employ more power to slow down your engine while going downhill. For this reason, the engine will work harder and then consume more fuel.  

  • Damage 

The B gear poses more strain on the engine, while the fuel efficiency decreases over time. As you can see, the engine will surely get damaged if you overuse the B gear. 

When To Use Toyota Corolla B Gear?

The abuse of Toyota Corolla B gear will harm your engine. To protect it, you should learn when to use it. Meanwhile in other cases, avoid shifting to the B gear. 

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We will discuss some scenarios where you should use the Toyota corolla hybrid automatic gearbox B right here.  

Going downhill

Changing into B gear while driving downhill might help the automobile slow down more smoothly and gradually. It’s because the engine can now produce more braking power. 

Furthermore, thanks to the B gear, you won’t have to depress the brake pedal constantly to slow down. Hence, it won’t get overheated. 

Uphill roads

The B gear applies more torque to the brake system. As a result, in some ways, it can push your vehicle up the hill easier. 

Snowy and muddy conditions

Shifting to the B gear means your Toyota Corolla can remain in its first gear, producing more torque. It can, therefore, prevent the wheels from sliding due to traction loss. This feature makes it suitable for driving in mud and snow.  

Heavy load

Pulling a large load is the most common application of the Corolla B gear. The engine will undergo fewer stresses in this case since it won’t have to exert as much work to keep a steady speed. 

Battery recharge

The batteries in your Corolla require power to maintain their best condition. And interestingly, using the B gear is one method of recharging it. 

The process is straightforward: Once you set your car to the B gear, the hybrid battery starts recharging. To be more specific, the increased engine drag enables regeneration. So, it is similar to how you set up the alternator

Toyota Corolla B Vs. S Gear

What Is The Difference Between Toyota Corolla B Vs. S Gear?

Many people are confused between Toyota Corolla S and B gears. This section will help you figure it out. 

The primary difference between the two gears is how we use them. The initials already say it: While B stands for the brake, S refers to the sport gear mode.  

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S is a crucial component of a vehicle that improves engine speed. You need the S gear when you are traveling over twisting roads but yet want to keep your RPM stable.

When driving on such roads, this gearbox maintains lower ratios for longer to provide more power. As a result, you may go at a fast pace on roadways.

On the other hand, the B mode is the lower gear and serves a different purpose. It provides additional engine braking when going downhill, like the traditional transmission. 

Driving at high speeds while in this setting is not advisable for automobiles, though. If your car is moving fast but needs Jake brakes, use brake pedals or brake pads instead. After all, mode B only helps avoid brake wear and brake issues  while running across steep roads. 

Additionally, the gear ratio of the variable transmission will vary if you employ different gear levels continuously. The damage they cause, though, is minimal.

In the end, Toyota hybrid cars have three primary driving modes: D, B, and S. 

  • D mode: This standard driving mode is suitable for most situations. It offers efficient and smooth acceleration. 
  • B mode: You can use this mode for braking when going downhill. When you release your foot from the accelerator pedal when driving in this mode, your car can slow down more quickly than in the D mode. Meanwhile, it also recharges the hybrid battery. 
  • S mode: This sport mode comes in handy if you want an engaging driving experience. When shifted to this gear, your car will travel at higher engine RPMs. 


Ultimately, we have given you beneficial details on the Toyota Corolla B gear, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

The B gear makes your driving safer, especially when going downhill. However, accidents can happen at any time. So, keep in mind to drive carefully for enhanced cruise control.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. Do not forget to share it with your beloved friends who have the same issue. 

Thank you for reading! 

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