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What Is 35 Percent Tint

Can You See Through The 35 Window Tint At Night?

Window tint is a thin film applied to a car’s windows to reduce the amount of visible light entering through the glass. But is 35% tint too much? Can you see through the 35 window tint at night?

You need to see things clearly in the daytime and nighttime. Besides, the legal limit for window tint percentage plays a vital role in deciding the level of window tint. 

So, we will discuss how the 35 window tint functions and how much tint you should apply. Let’s follow our lead!  

35 Window Tint At Night

What Is 35 Percent Tint?

A 35 percent tint allows only 35% of light to flow through your window glass. In other terms, it prevents 65% of visible spectrum light from flowing through. 

If you tint all of your windows at 35%, just 35% of the light may enter your vehicle from all sides. The tint can block up to 99% of all UV (ultraviolet) radiation and limit IR (infrared) light transmission.

The tint also keeps the car’s interior cool throughout the day. If you’re driving in the sun, it can assist in keeping the sun out so you can see the tracks well. 

Typically, restrictions regarding tinting automobile windows exist, but the rules vary by city and location. Most tint companies suggest 35 percent tint all around. However, tinting the front windows improperly will earn you a fine in some areas.

Furthermore, 35% tint in certain areas is too dark. Hence, you’d be fined for driving with such dark windows.

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The lower the percentage of the window tint, the more ominous the hue. For example, the tint with 20% coverage is more ominous than the tint with 35%. 

Can You See Through The 35 Window Tint At Night

Can You See Through The 35 Window Tint At Night?

You can see everything outside the vehicle since this shade enables 35% of the visible light to flow through the window film. 

This level of window tint is moderate. You can use it to enhance privacy and UV protection. Interestingly, nighttime visibility doesn’t change. 

Meanwhile, a 5% tint might be dark for your vision since it only allows 5% of visible light to flow through the film. So be careful when driving with tinted windows at night. 

Pay more attention when tinting front windows and windshields. Aside from choosing the right tint level, you have to clean them regularly to ensure they are in good condition. Washing the windshields is an important task that you can’t miss. 

How To Test Your Window Tint?

If you wonder how to see through tinted windows at night, the answer relies on how much window tint you employ. 

Interested in adding a 35% window tint to your car? There are two methods to test it out and see whether you can see through it at night. 

You can also perform those tests if you want to determine the difference between an automobile’s 35 percent window tint before and after. 

Information From The Provider 

The best option is to seek professional advice from a window tinting company. These professionals have the correct testing tools, thus offering data you can trust. 

The facilities will perform a VLT (Visible Light Transmitted Through the Glass) test using any window. Since not all places on your window have the same index, they attach a VLT meter to each to gather objective data. After the measurement, they will compute the average index and evaluate the percentage. 

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Some VLT-level measuring applications have lately become popular. However, you shouldn’t take them too seriously since they’re not always right. Use data just for fun and to satisfy your curiosity.

Police Test

Police use a specific gadget, like a test meter or VTL meter, to prosecute vehicle legislation offenders. And that’s how you can test your window tint level. 

Additionally, the police use light transmittance meters to evaluate the amount of light flowing through aftermarket window dark tints. They can fine you if the window is too dark. 

For many years, most countries have implemented rules limiting the level of tint placed on a vehicle’s front windows. Nonetheless, since technology is more widely accessible and less costly, authorities may focus on strictly executing these rules.

Is 35% Window Tint Legal

Is 35% Window Tint Legal?

The rules regarding windows vary from region to region. Hence, you must check with your local regulations to find the correct answer. 


Each state sets its own rule. For instance, the permitted window level in Florida is 32%, while California only accepts 70%. As a result, you can’t apply 35% window tint in California. 


The rules in Canada are pretty complicated because you must consider three factors to determine the legal window tint level for your vehicle:

  • Province: Check the province you live in to learn its rules. 
  • Type of vehicle: Medical vehicles in Canada must not have tinted windows. Besides, only Nova Scotia accepts all cars with window tinting, while other provinces ban multi-purpose vehicles from having window tints. 
  • Type of window: Each province also regulates the type of glass used for each window. For example, Quebec allows 70% window tints of the front side windows, while the back side can be completely dark. 
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The UK

The UK states that front side and front windows can have 70 to 70% tint. Meanwhile, the rear windows can have any tint level. 

Which Window Tint Is The Best For Night Driving?

After checking the local regulations, you will have some options to set up your window tinting, such as:

  • 85%: Factory-tinted vehicles often come with this tint level. It can reduce the sunlight entering the cabin slightly while allowing it to warm up. 
  • 50%: Only half of the sunlight will come through your 50% tinted windows. Many restrictive areas allow this tint level. You may also love it because of the practical and sleek look it offers. 
  • 35%: This level is one of the most common options since it’s not too dark. You can easily see through your windows during the daytime and at night. 
  • 20%: If your car has 20% tinted windows, you will find it difficult to see through them. This option is, therefore, not legal to apply in the front windows. 
  • 5%: 5 percent ceramic tint at night is only accepted in limousines in some areas. It will block out the full view of your cabin.  


Can one see through 35 window tint at night? Yes, you can! This tint level does not affect visibility at any time of day or night. 

Window tints preserve the privacy of passengers. If you want to tint your windows, you should consider how much tint is legal in your nation, state, or province. 

Countries, states, and provinces have varying laws governing the tint levels that motor vehicle owners apply to their windows. Thus, tint testing is significant. 

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