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Wagner ThermoQuiet Or QuickStop

Wagner ThermoQuiet Or QuickStop: Brake Pad Showdown

Are you looking for new brake pads for your car? Welcome to Wagner, the leading manufacturer of brake systems. But this company has different brands. Which should you choose, Wagner ThermoQuiet or QuickStop?

Both brands offer well-performed products that enhance your braking experience. However, they have unique features, giving you a hard time settling on the better one. 

But don’t worry! We will help you compare ThermoQuiet and QuickStop brake pads side by side. Then, you can make an informed decision. 

ThermoQuiet Or QuickStop

ThermoQuiet Or QuickStop: Overview 

Wagner is the leading manufacturer of brake components and systems for automobiles. It provides numerous products under different brand names. The most famous brands are:

  • Wagner ThermoQuiet
  • Wagner QuickStop
  • Wagner OEX
  • Wagner SevereDuty

Wagner produces high-quality brake pads, drums, rotors, and other braking parts. Its products deliver consistent and reliable performance under different driving conditions. 

ThermoQuiet and QuickStop brake pads are both famous for their reliability, performance, and value. That’s why car owners and mechanics worldwide highly appreciate these products. 

Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads have advanced ceramic materials to provide a quiet, smooth, and comfortable braking system. They also reduce brake dust and noise. 

Wagner QuickStop brake pads are also known for their high-quality ceramic material. It offers friction to deliver excellent stopping force and durability. 

Which Should You Choose, Wagner ThermoQuiet Or QuickStop?

Although ThermoQuiet and QuickStop come from the same company, they are two different brands. Hence, you will notice the differences between these products. Start by checking this ThermoQuiet vs. QuickStop comparison chart. 

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ThermoQuiet QuickStop
Material Ceramic Ceramic 
Durability More durable Slightly less durable 
Vibration And Noise Quieter  Noisier 
Friction  Excellent Excellent 
Price  More expensive  Cheaper 


Both ThermoQuiet and QuickStop brake pads are made of ceramic instead of other traditional materials, like organic or metallic. But why so?

First, ceramic brake pads reduce brake dust, keeping your tires and wheels cleaner for longer. Moreover, this material doesn’t produce loud noises. 

In addition, ceramic is good at resisting heat, allowing your brake pads to maintain consistent braking performance under high-temperature conditions.  


Wagner products are long-lasting thanks to the ceramic material and well-designed construction. They can also release heat faster than other models on the market. 

Moreover, the complementary materials of the rotters help them achieve optimum performance and reduce wear and tear. As a result, you can get more miles out of them. 

However, ThermoQuiet brake pads are slightly more durable than their competitors, thanks to the gentler brake rotors.  

The durability of Wagner products is undeniable. Yet, they will degrade over time, especially when you apply heavy braking often. If you notice a squeaking sound while driving, check the brake system and replace the worn-out part when needed. 

Vibration And Noise

As the name implies, ThermoQuiet brake pads are an excellent choice if you desire a quiet trip. So how does ThermoQuiet reduce vibration and noise?

ThermoQuiet brake pads feature an exclusive technology called IMI (Integrally Molded Insulator). The IMI eliminates the need for a conventional shim to dampen the brake noise. This breakthrough design dissipates the heat and vibration for a quiet performance. 

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Besides, engineers use advanced technologies such as scanner laser vibrometers to isolate and eliminate noise-causing vibration. 

QuickStop brake pads don’t create a lot of noise or vibration. However, compared to ThermoQuiet pads, they still need improvement. 

Sometimes, you may notice a weird rubbing noise from the front wheel while driving. It’s not the sound that brake pads should produce. In this case, pull over and check for the cause. The faulty brake pad is among the reasons.


Wagner brake pads also come with carbon-based friction materials to assist in heavy braking. When your brake gets hot, it will fade and reduce its effectiveness. However, carbon-based materials will help withstand high temperatures without losing their frictional properties. 

Both ThermoQuiet and QuickStop include carbon-based friction materials in their production process. Aside from friction support, these materials also help with noise reduction and dust buildup.


The Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads cost between around $35 online, which is a little more expensive than QuickStop products. However, the price isn’t too high for the quality. 

On the other hand, QuickStop brake pads are about $30. The cost may vary slightly from area to area. 

Pros And Cons Of ThermoQuiet And QuickStop Brake Pads

ThermoQuiet and QuickStop brake pads have pros and cons. You need to consider both sides of each product before buying them. 



  • ThermoQuiet brake pads are extremely durable. 
  • The sound they create isn’t too loud. 
  • You won’t have to worry about their performance at high temperatures. 
  • These brake pads produce little or even no dust. 
  • The braking force is impressive. 


  • ThermoQuiet brake pads can only work on certain vehicles. 



  • QuickStop brake pads can work in all conditions. 
  • The ceramic material makes them cool quickly. 
  • The copper particles in their compositions enhance their sturdiness. 
  • They are cheaper than ThermoQuiet products. 
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  • Pressing QuickStop brake pads produce more noise than ThermoQuiet pads. 

How To Choose Brake Pads For Your Vehicle?

ThermoQuiet and QuickStop are both excellent brake pads to install in your vehicle. The right choice depends on multiple factors, such as:

Driving Style

ThermoQuiet brake pads will be a better choice if you need heavy braking because they aim to provide excellent heat resistance while minimizing brake fade. 

QuickStop brake pads won’t disappoint you when it comes to braking force. However, they seem to be more suitable for moderate braking. 

Brake Rotor

Some brake pads only work with specific types of brake rotors. Hence, you have to check the compatibility of your brake components before installation. 

Luckily, both ThermoQuiet and QuickStop brake pads can pair with a wide range of brake rotor models. 


QuickStop brake pads are more affordable than ThermoQuiet. Hence, they should be your way to go if you are on a limited budget. 

Nevertheless, the price gap between these brands is minimal. In general, they provide cost-effective options for your brake system.  


Which is your favorite, ThermoQuiet or QuickStop? Both brands offer high-quality products, but ThermoQuiet wins regarding noise and durability. However, if you need something cheaper without sacrificing performance, QuickStop can also make a good choice. 

Hopefully, you can choose the best brake pad to upgrade your driving experience. If you need more information to decide, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for reading! 


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