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ThermoQuiet or QuickStop Brake Pads?

Struggling to decide which brake pads to install to your car? In this article, we go into detail about Wagner ThermoQuiet and QuickStop brake pads, and which product would be best for your vehicle.

Federal Mogul produces 48 million brake pad sets each year, and has 98% coverage on vehicles and operation globally. They are the leading automotive brake brands. Wagner brake pads are the number one choice of professional technicians worldwide.

History of Brake Pads

In the 1980s, ceramic brake pads were created. However, when used they made horrible noises, and created a lot of dust. Organic brake pads were then created as a solution, as they didn’t make as much noise. But these brake pads didn’t last as long, meaning they were expensive to keep replacing.

Semi-metallic pads were then tested, which worked quite well. However, these had a tendency of wearing the brake rotors out a lot faster.

As society modernized, engineers figured out a way to manufacture ceramic pads that don’t leave a lot of dust, and make noise that we can’t hear as humans.

ThermoQuiet Brake Pads

The Wagner ThermoQuiet is an award-winning brake pad. The number one pad in the automotive service industry. Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads won the Automotive News Pace Award, and the automotive industry’s premier award for product innovation.

Why choose ThermoQuiet Brake Pads?

Wagner ThermoQuiet was developed to solve consumers leading complaint about brake components, which is noise. ThermoQuiet brake pads feature an exclusive technology called IMI, which means integrally molded insulator. The IMI eliminates the need for a conventional shim to dampen the brake noise. This breakthrough design dissipates the heat and vibration for a quiet performance. The laser shaping feature for each system optimizes pad to rotor interface, and that gives you maximum stopping power.

Then there’s the advanced friction formulations. Wagner precisely match them to the unique characteristics and demands of each application, providing a longer pad life and less brake dusts. They validate the brake materials using the most stringent testing in the industry, at their global R&D facilities, and also through their close working relationships with these leading automotive manufacturers. Engineers use advanced technologies such as the scanner laser vibrometers to isolate and eliminate noise causing vibration. Federal Mogul brake materials are among the quietest in the world.

Their next generation of Wagner brake ceramic brake pads combined the IMI technology and application specific laser shaping, with Federal Mogul’s proprietary new ceramic NXT formulations. The latest in breaking innovation from Federal Mogul is the Wagner ThermoQuiet with ceramic NXT. It offers superior stopping, quieter breaking, longer pad light, and less brake dust. These are arguably the best brake pads on the market.

QuickStop Brake Pads

These brake pads manufactured by Wagner are created using a combination of copper and ceramic particles. They recover faster then organic material, and perform well during all seasons.

The QuickStop brake pads do not produce any dust, and have a reduced noise and vibration compared with other ceramic brake pads. The cost of these is also cheaper than the ThermoQuiet pads, however QuickStop is lower quality.

Final Thoughts

Both products are world leading and have great longevity. Compared to the quality of other brake pads, both QuickStop and ThermoQuiet are good value for money. Comparing the two, the obvious choice is the ThermoQuiet brake pads.


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