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Ford Engine Fault Service Now warning light

Ford “Engine Fault Service Now” Warning Light: How to Fix?

Do you ever see the Ford “Engine Fault Service Now” warning light on the dashboard? Stop for a while, and check for the cause. 

Engine faults are not rare, even when you drive a reputable Ford. If the warning light appears, you need to diagnose the issue, which may come from the sensors or battery. Then, fix it as soon as possible. 

It’s easier said than done. To help you handle this problem, we will discuss all the potential cases. Let’s see how you can remove this message! 

Ford Engine Fault Service Now warning light

What Triggers The Ford “Engine Fault Service Now” Warning Light?

The Ford Engine Fault Service Now warning light comes on for multiple reasons, such as faulty sensors or a bad battery. The low coolant level and the misfiring engine will trigger the light, too. 

The dashboard must be the easiest place to display warning messages. Besides the “Check Fuel Fill Inlet,” you can get another warning light: Engine Fault Service Now.

The name says it. The “Engine Fault Service Now” meaning is your engine must be having some problems that require an immediate checkup. Here are the possible causes for this warning light. 

Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor

The gasoline and air fumes combine in the cylinders of the combustion chamber, which develops fuel for the engine. Then, sensors will inform the computer of the oxygen level in the combustion chamber. 

However, the computer will receive inaccurate oxygen levels if the sensors become old or damaged. As a result, your Ford will add more air to the combustion chamber, impacting the gasoline-oxygen mixture negatively. 

In this case, your engine may overheat. Then, you will notice an Engine Fault Service Now” on the dashboard. 

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How to solve it? 

To fix this problem, you need to replace the oxygen sensors. They can cost up to $500 including labor and parts.

After fixing the fault, ask the mechanic how to reset Engine Fault Service Now. You can learn it from the owner’s manual, too.  

Misfiring Engine

Misfiring Engine

The warning light system in your Ford can detect the misfiring engine. In this case, the “Engine Fault Service Now” message will ask you to check the system.  

The reason for a misfiring engine is often the spark plugs. These are a component of a combustion mechanism that ignites the air and gas combination inside the piston cylinder. 

How to solve it?

The spark plug will need to be replaced. If you’re incapable of doing this yourself, it could cost you up to $100 to get this fixed by a mechanic.

Low Coolant Level

Low Coolant Level

The low coolant level may not make your engine misfire. Yet, it could be the reason for the Ford Engine Fault Service Now warning light on the dashboard.

The coolant level may drop sometimes, which is normal. However, you should still check for the cause. 

How to solve it? 

If your coolant level is too low, top it up with a balanced mixture of water and antifreeze. However, the recommended mixture levels may differ depending on the current climate. 

Bad MAF Sensor

Bad MAF Sensor

The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor measures the air entering your engine. Then, the engine control module determines how much fuel to inject. 

If the MAF sensor is faulty, it will send incorrect information to the engine, leading to poor engine performance and triggering the warning light. 

Besides, you will notice other problems caused by the bad MAF sensor, such as rough idle and hesitation while accelerating. 

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How to solve it?

If you suspect the MAF sensor is malfunctioning, contact a mechanic to inspect and fix it immediately. Delaying repairs will result in further damage to the engine. 

Bad Battery

If the battery has low power or is dead, the Ford Engine Fault Service Now warning light will appear on the dashboard. 

How to solve it?

It’s important to check the battery regularly. This task involves inspecting the loose connections, low battery juices, wrong wiring, and corroded terminals. Each of these symptoms demands a different treatment. 

For example, if the wires come loose, all you have to do is to tighten them. But if the battery is dead, you need a replacement. 

Bad Spark Plugs

As aforementioned, the “Engine Fault Service Now” message may appear on your Ford’s dashboard because of the damaged spark plugs. There are various causes for this issue. 

The spark plugs accumulate debris and oil over time. When they become too old, the debris buildup will prevent them from delivering electric current to ignite the fuel/air mixture. Then, the engine can’t work. 

How to solve it?

Similarly to the case of the misfiring engine, you should replace the spark plugs to fix the issue. If possible, invest in better-quality items that can last longer. 

Faulty Transmission Sensors

The transmission sensor keeps track of the position and speed of the transmission system. Then, it sends signals to the ECU. 

If this sensor fails, the ECU will mistime the gear shifting. This issue may lead to decreased fuel economy and engine performance. Since the engine can’t perform well, your dashboard will display the Ford Engine Fault Service Now warning light

How to solve it?

The transmission sensor goes bad because of wiring issues or damage. If you ensure the wiring connections are still good, the issue must be the sensor itself. This fault calls for a replacement. 

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Bad Fuel Injection System

If the fuel injection system in your car malfunctions, the computer will store its fault code, triggering the warning light. 

How to solve it? 

The faulty fuel injection causes tons of problems, such as rough idling, stalling, and decreased fuel efficiency. So if you suspect the issue, have it inspected and fixed by a professional to prevent damage to the engine. 

Can You Drive With The Engine Fault

Can You Drive With The Engine Fault?

The Ford Engine Fault Service Now warning light doesn’t stop your car. However, continuing driving with that light on is not a good idea. 

This warning light signals an issue that has to be fixed with the engine or an associated component. Hence, driving the car while the warning light is on might risk your safety and further harm the engine or other components of the vehicle.

Instead, you should slow down and pull over to a safe place as soon as possible. Then, turn off your engine and check for the issues using the abovementioned hints. 

Most of the time, it would be best to have the car towed to a certified mechanic or a Ford dealer for inspection and repair.


The Ford “Engine Fault Service Now” warning light indicates problems in the engine. The cause can be faulty sensors, a misfiring engine, or a bad fuel injection system. 

If you can’t stop the light, visit the garage to have your car checked thoroughly. Then, you will know which part is malfunctioning. Again, we don’t recommend continuing to drive with that warning light. 

The light can be annoying. But believe us; it comes on for your safety. So please pay attention to it, and use the message to treat your vehicle correctly. 

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