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How to remove the Engine Fault Service Now Warning Light

The engine fault service now warning light can show up on the dashboard of your Ford vehicle if you have issues with your engine. There are multiple reasons for this warning to appear. Read on to find out what your issue could be, and 5 solutions to help you fix the problem.

What is an Engine Fault?

This is the typical phrase used to describe an issue with your vehicle’s engine. The light appears on your car to let you know there’s a serious problem with your engine that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Many Ford drivers have experienced this issue more frequently as the weather started getting colder.

Ford cars have a high chance of needing engine faults service. If you see a message on your Ford’s display screen about engine fault service, it means there is an issue with your engine. If you experience the engine fault service now warning light, it’s important to take your Ford to a car professional as quickly as you can so they can identify and fix the problem.

Solution 1 – Problem with Oxygen Sensor

Sensors located in the Ford’s engine indicate to the computer the level of oxygen in the combustion chamber. The gasoline and air fumes combine in the cylinders in the combustion chamber, which then develops fuel for the engine. However, if the engine’s sensors become old or damaged, the vehicle can overheat.

If the sensors keep failing, the computer will be inaccurate with the oxygen levels. This will happen even if the right amount of oxygen is in the combustion chamber at the right time. This results in the ford adding more air to the combustion chamber, which negatively impacts the gasoline oxygen mixture.

To fix this problem, the oxygen sensors will need replacing, which can cost up to $500 including labor and parts.

Solution 2 – Low Coolant Level

If you cannot identify a problem code which shows the reason for the Engine Fault Service Now warning light to appear, then you should check your Ford’s coolant level. Your coolant level may not be low enough yet to make your engine misfire, but it could be the reason for the warning light on the dashboard.

If your coolant level is too low, top it up by using a balanced mixture of water and antifreeze. However, the mixture levels may be different depending on the current climate where you live.

Solution 3 – Misfiring Engine

The reason for a misfiring engine is usually to do with the spark plugs. These are a component of a combustion mechanism which ignites the air and gas combination inside the Piston cylinder.

The spark plug will need replaced to fix this. If you’re not capable of doing this yourself, it could cost you up to $100 to get this replaced by a mechanic.

Solution 4 – Corroding Lug Nuts

Swelled lug nuts is arguably the most likely issue with your Ford engine. Lug nuts bolt your Ford’s wheels to the engine’s body. However, if moisture gets in behind a lug nut, they can corrode and swell.

Lug nuts are extremely difficult to remove, so you will probably need a mechanic to help you remove these, which could cost you roughly $100.

Solution 5 – Ford Focus 2009 Model Fix

A lot of Ford owners with this problem have also experienced the “Service Oil” light appear at the same time. These drivers have then changed the oil, which has resulted in the car running more smoothly.

Put your Ford into park, and then switch the engine off. Then turn the engine to “2,” so do not start the engine. Your vehicle will still say engine malfunction. Then press the brake and the accelerator together, and hold this for about 20 seconds. And then your vehicle’s dashboard should say “oil service reset complete.” Then you remove your feet off the petals, and you turn the ignition off. And then when you turn the car back on again, the engine malfunction light should be gone.

You could also try this with any Ford if you have the same issue.

How to find the Problem Code

If you’re still unsure what the reason could be for the Engine Fault Service Now light to appear, take your Ford to an Auto Zone or O’Reilly’s. They can hook up your vehicle to a scanner which will be able to determine the severity of the problem. And the cost is absolutely free! Once they’ve given you the codes, look them up on Google to find out the root of the problem.

root of the problem.

Will the engine light reset itself?

A car engine has many parts that all need to work together in order for it to run. If one of the parts is not working correctly, it can result in the engine not running correctly and the check engine light will come on.

How do you fix the check engine light?

Sometimes when you have a problem with your car, the check engine light won’t turn off on its own. This can be really frustrating because you don’t know what the problem is. In some cases, you’ll need to reset the light manually.

May I drive with an engine fault?

If you must drive the car, make sure the engine fault light is on. However, it’s not advisable. It is likely the problems with your vehicle will worsen the more you drive without fixing the issue.

If you do decide to drive, try to examine your Ford’s performance to see if there’s any minor or major differences in the way it feels to drive. Maybe your vehicle will take longer to accelerate for example. These are issues you should tell your mechanic to help give them a better understanding of the problem.

What are some common issues with the 2018 Ford Escape?

Some people have reported that the engine of the 2018 Ford escape sometimes stalls. This can be a risky thing to do because it could cause a car to lose power while driving, which could lead to an accident.

How long do the transit engines typically last?

Ford vehicles are designed to last. Ford Transit engines have a long lifespan if they’re maintained properly. If your check engine light comes on, don’t drive until you’ve had it checked out and if you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of ways to find fault codes online.

Final Thoughts on Engine Fault Service Now Warning Light

There are many reasons for the engine fault service now light to appear on your Ford. Some of the solutions are more expensive than others, so hopefully you do not need to take your car to a mechanic to solve the issue. However, it is recommended you take your car to a professional as soon as possible.

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