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How to Care for Your Car’s Most Easily Damaged Parts

Barely two years ago, car owners in the U.S. spent about $195 billion on personal consumption expenditures on motor vehicle maintenance and repair services. Depending on vehicle usage and other factors, the cost could be higher or lower yearly. However, the need to repair your vehicle will constantly arise as vehicle components are continuously exposed to wear and tear. 

The most important aspect of caring for your car is to take good care of its most easily damaged parts so you don’t keep running back to your mechanic. Here are a few key tips on how to care for your car’s most fragile parts.

Car Windows

Car windows are the most fragile pieces of your car. They’re made of glass, which can easily break and shutter, causing injury and damage to associated car parts. While your windshield is made of a slightly stronger and pressure-resistant material beneath the glass, the rest of your car windows aren’t as strong.

To care for these windows, ensure they’re in perfect condition and take them for repair at the slightest sign of crack or tension. Since these cracks can occur in awkward places far from your regular mechanic, you should have contacts with automobile window repair services like Van Isle Glass. Repair technicians could meet you at your place of need to save you the pain of worsening the damage when driving to find your regular mechanic.

Car Wheel Condition and Pressure

A well-inflated car tire helps keep your car balanced on the road, resisting engine strain and saving significant amounts of fuel.  A deflated tire would lead to car imbalance issues that would compromise your safety on the road and reduce the tire’s life. It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly, especially if your car isn’t fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system. 

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Besides regular pressure checks, it’s important to always check the condition of your tire’s threads. While the legal requirement for a safe tire tread is 2/32 inches or 1.6mm deep, you should consider changing your tires before they hit this point.

Car Doors

Most car accidents are hits from either side of the car, which means your door will always be on the receiving end anytime this happens. While most car doors are made of an outer metal case and plastic on the inside, you can enhance protection by choosing double metal skinned doors. These can go a long way in reducing the effect of the impact in the event of a side hit. You could also have bars welded inside the door for an even stronger finish.

Car Bumper

Like the doors, your car bumper is also a frequent point of impact when hit from the front or behind. Since it’s the outermost part holding together the frontal essentials like headlights and grille, it’s the first always to crack or fall off during an impact.

To protect your bumper from damage, you can install bumper guards that perfectly fit and don’t overwhelm the bumper with weight. A common option is the rubber guards that help absorb and redistribute impact.

Regular car maintenance and checks are important for keeping your car out of risk and keeping you safe. However, some car parts are more vulnerable to wear and tear and are more exposed to hits and impacts than others. Keeping a keen eye on these parts is essential so they don’t catch you off guard.

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