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Keep Your Onan RV Generator Running Smoothly With Proper Maintenance

Onan generators are commonly found in RVs and trucks to provide electrical power while off the grid. Keeping your Onan generator properly maintained is crucial for reliability and performance. Let’s go over tips to keep your Onan generator running smoothly during your travels with Onan generator repairs from professionals.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

It’s important to follow the maintenance schedule in your Onan owner’s manual. This includes regular oil and filter changes, spark plug replacements, air filter cleanings, and inspection of hoses and wiring. Replacing fuel filters and changing engine oil at the recommended intervals will go a long way towards preventing problems down the road.

Things to Expect on the Road with a Cummins Onan RV Generator

When traveling with your RV generator, it’s normal to experience some fluctuation in performance. Changes in temperature, altitude, and fuel quality can impact how your generator runs. Being prepared and addressing small issues quickly will keep your Onan in top shape. Always have spare oil, fuel filters, fuses, and belts on hand.

Only Work with Professionals for Maintenance

While some basic maintenance can be performed by owners, it’s best to have an experienced RV technician handle major service and repairs. Attempting complex repairs without proper training can result in costly mistakes. Find a reputable shop or dealer that specializes in RV generators.

Keep Your Maintenance Kit and Documentation on Hand

Having your Onan manual, maintenance records, and a kit with supplies is essential for generator upkeep on the road. Keep them stored safely in your RV. The documentation will have key information to reference, while the maintenance kit will allow you to perform basic repairs yourself.

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Contact an RV or Truck Service Company for Onan Generator Repairs

If major issues arise with your Onan generator, find a qualified RV or truck service company to make the needed Onan generator repairs promptly. Don’t attempt temporary quick fixes that can lead to bigger problems. Professional technicians have the expertise to diagnose and service Onan generators correctly.

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