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What Does "Check Fuel Fill Inlet" Mean On Ford F150

What Does “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” Mean On Ford F150?

You are just driving your Ford F150 on the road, but a warning to check the inlet shows up on the dashboard. What does “Check fuel fill inlet” mean on Ford F150?

This notification implies that your fuel fill inlet has some leakage issues. Hence, you’d better park your car and check for the cause. If possible, visit the nearest garage for help. 

Yet, there are still many things to discuss in this situation. Why don’t you join us to explore? Here is what we get! 

What Is A Fuel Fill Inlet

What Is A Fuel Fill Inlet?

The fuel inlet of your Ford F150 is an aperture that allows gasoline to be filled. The system also has a pipe for the movement of the fluid down to the tank. 

The cap of the inlet acts as a covering, and there is a door outside to complete the structure. Drivers sometimes shut the door while leaving the cap open. 

As a result, gas and fuel may evaporate and lead to leakage. The levels will decrease instantly. Since the system connects to the settings of the Ford F150, the display will warn you of the leakage. 

What Does Check Fuel Fill Inlet Mean On Ford F150

What Does “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” Mean On Ford F150?

The “Check fuel fill inlet” on this vehicle is a notification of the fuel leakage. In this case, you must check the fuel tank to solve the leaking issue.

Dirt Particles

An opening like the fuel fill inlet always comes into contact with dirt. Ford drivers, therefore, prevent dirt accumulation by closing the cap tightly after filling the fuel. 

However, there must be debris left around the cap, making it hard to close firmly. You don’t even notice that tiny gap, but the fuel can still evaporate. As a result, the fuel level declines. 

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It’s a form of fuel leakage. You will receive the “check fuel fill inlet” signal when the fuel is reducing too fast. Sometimes, the fuel system issues cause the MAF sensor to malfunction, requiring a reset.

Improper Cap Closure

You may not close the tap firmly because of the dirt buildup around it. Besides, improper cap closure occurs due to negligence, too. 

Of course, you know how vital the cap is to the inlet. But the fuel-filling person may not have the same idea. And without the proper seal, gas will evaporate and leak.

This issue is common, especially when you are in a rush. But don’t worry! The system will send you a “check fuel fill inlet” notification to remind you to tighten the cap. 

Cracks In The Covering

Another issue with the cap is physical damage. The door often strikes this plastic part, breaking it down. In other cases, the pumping of the covering cracks itself, splitting it into two halves. 

Please note that this component is made of plastic and susceptible to severe cracks. So if you don’t close it properly, the cap will break down easily.

If the covering has tiny splits or holes, they will get bigger quickly. Then, the fuel can evaporate from the tank easier. 

Leaked EVAP

The EVAP (Evaporative Emission Control) system in a Ford F150 stores fuel vapors and prevents them from escaping into the environment. It consists of multiple components, such as a purge valve, charcoal canister, and several valves and hoses. 

A leaked EVAP means that the stored vapors will escape. Then, the “Check fuel fill inlet” message will show up on the dashboard.

Faulty Sensor

The sensor is responsible for detecting vapors and reporting the error if they leak from the gas tank. 

However, this component is sensitive. When malfunctioning, it can’t report the exact issue within the system.

This issue is similar to the faulty MAF sensor when the fuel system error makes it report the wrong data. You need to replace the sensor  in some cases .

What Should You Do When The “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” Comes On?

After seeing the “Check fuel fill inlet” message, you must immediately act to fix it. Here is what you should do. 

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Step 1: Check The Inlet Cap

The cap gets damaged easily and causes tons of issues. Moreover, the check fuel fill inlet Ford capless is popular. Hence, the cap must be the first component to check for. 

Ensure that your inlet cap is secure and tight. If it has become loose, tighten it and check if the “Check fuel fill inlet” message disappears. And if the cap is missing or damaged, replace it.

Step 2: Check For Signs Of Leakage

Fuel leakage is the major cause of the “Check fuel fill inlet” notification. It may occur in multiple components, and you should check all of them. For example:

  • Seal of the fuel inlet

This material tightens the cap. It’s a rubber structure with some loops. If it breaks down, use a high-quality seal that is compatible with the cap to replace it. Alternatively, apply thread layers to the leak to fix the seal. 

Then, adjust the inlet cap on the sealant and tighten it. Remember to mask the treated area with tape to prevent future leakage. Finally, wait for the sealant to harden in 30 minutes.

  • Cracks in the components

The fuel tank or the pipe may get damaged, too. If you detect cracks on those parts, apply a sealant to stop the leakage. 

However, if the damage is severe, the sealant can’t help. You can seal the cracks as a temporary solution, then take your car to the garage to replace the broken components. 

Step 3: Clean The Inlet

Dirt and debris accumulation is the biggest enemy of the fuel fill inlet. So, clean it regularly to avoid the “Check fuel fill inlet” message from showing up. 

Choose a cleaner to discard all unnecessary things around the inlet. Only in this way can the cap recover to its original condition. 

Take your Ford F150 to the garage if the message is still there. The mechanic will help you wash the internal areas using pressurized water. The cost for this service is about $40. 

Unfortunately, you can’t check all the issues yourself. For example, an error in the sensor or the EVAP system demands a professional checkup. As a result, taking your Ford F150 to a certified mechanic is a good idea. 

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Step 4: Reset The Message

You have done everything you can, from cleaning to sealing the cracks. Now, reset the “Check fuel fill inlet” notification. How do I reset my check fuel fill inlet? You can disconnect the battery for a while and reconnect it later. 

Another method to reset the message is using a code scanner. This tool is cheap while helping a lot with your identifying issues.  

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Fuel Fill Inlet?

The cost to fix the “check fuel fill inlet” issue on Ford F150 varies depending on the cause. For example:

  • Replacing the cap: The inlet cap is important, but it costs only $20. If you just want to clean the cap, the cost of buying a good cleaner is also low. 
  • Fixing the EVAP system: This system has multiple components. As a result, the repair cost differs. To fix the purge valve, you will pay around $200. Meanwhile, the replacement cost of a charcoal canister is about $200 to $600. 
  • The entire fuel fill inlet: In some cases, you need to replace the fuel fill inlet. How much does it cost to replace a fuel fill inlet? Well, the cost is quite high, around $1,000. 

Can You Drive With The “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” Warning On? 

You can keep driving your Ford F150 with the “Check fuel fill inlet” notification. However, it would be better to pull over and check your car thoroughly. 

If you ignore the message, there will be numerous issues, such as:

  • Gas will evaporate from the tank into the atmosphere, causing air pollution. 
  • Your Ford’s mileage will come down and consume more gas than normal. 
  • The EVAP system may break down soon. 
  • The engine’s performance will decrease significantly. 


What does “Check fuel fill inlet” mean on Ford F150? It implies a leakage issue in the fuel fill inlet. The issue may come from the faulty inlet cap or a malfunctioning sensor. No matter the case, you should stop and check your car. 

The cap is responsible for most problems. Hence, ensure that it’s in good condition. Also, tighten it firmly every time you fill the tank and clean it regularly. 

You can drive with the “Check fuel fill inlet” message. However, fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, multiple parts of your Ford F150 will suffer. 

Thank you for reading! 

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