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H5 Vs. H6 Car Battery – Tips For Choosing The Better

H5 vs. H6 car battery, which is better? Well, it’s hard to answer because you need to check multiple things. 

H5 and H6 are both specifications for car batteries, which describe their size and capacity. These specifications are essential to consider when purchasing a new battery for your vehicle.

How to choose the better one? This article will help you answer this question by comparing and contrasting H5 vs. H6 car batteries. Let’s check it out! 

H5 Vs. H6 Car Battery

H5 Vs. H6 Car Battery: Overview 

Car batteries are classified into groups based on their size, shape, and terminal configuration. The number of the group helps us ensure that the battery we buy can fit correctly in our car’s battery tray. It should also be compatible with the electrical system.  

The H5 battery is commonly known as the group 47 battery and works well in mid-range diesel vehicles. This group includes small batteries. 

You can typically find the group 47 battery in single-battery systems when the battery powers other systems when the primary engine is turned off.

On the other hand, H6 car batteries belong to group 48. It means they are larger, making them suitable for trucks and SUVs. 

H5 And H6 Car Battery

What Is The Difference Between H5 And H6 Car Battery?

The most significant difference between H5 and H6 car batteries is their capacity. H6 batteries give you more capacity and are heavier.

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When choosing car batteries, you must consider other factors, such as reserve capacity, cold cranking amps, and price. This comparison chart will help you picture the differences between H5 vs. H6 battery in those terms. So look at it first, then we will explain each right after.  

H5 Car Battery H6 Car Battery 
Group 47 48
Size Smaller Bigger 
Weight  38 – 42 pounds 45-54 pounds
Reserve Capacity 110 – 115 minutes 120 – 140 minutes
Voltage 12 volts  12 volts 
Cold Cranking Amps  600 – 630 amperes 720 – 800 amperes
Best For  Racing and performance-based vehicles SUVs and trucks


The size of H5 and H6 car batteries differs from brand to brand. But generally, H6 batteries are bigger than H5. 

The average size of group 47 batteries is 9.56 x 6.88 x 7.5 inches (length x width x height). Meanwhile, group 48 batteries have average dimensions of 10.87 x 6.81 x 7.68 inches. 


H6 car batteries are heavier than H5 batteries because they have a higher capacity and bigger size. However, the weight of a car battery also depends on its construction. 

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity, often known as RC, refers to how long a 12V battery can operate before decreasing to 10.5V. We measure it in reserve minutes. 

If a battery, for instance, has a 150-minute RC, it can maintain 25 amps of power for 150 minutes before its voltage drops to 10.5V.

In simple terms, the RC value represents how long the car battery can last. Hence, the higher the RC value, the better the battery. 

In this round, H6 wins because its RC is from 120 to 140 minutes, depending on the specific model. On the contrary, H5 has an average RC of 110 to 115 minutes. 

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Cold Cranking Amps

Cold-cranking amps (CCA) describe a battery’s capacity to crank or start an engine in cold weather. This rating reveals a lot of things about the battery. 

Starting the engine in harsh weather is a headache for all drivers. You will get stuck in the cold for hours if the battery isn’t strong enough. If the battery is dead, your car may overheat and won’t start.

Some people, especially those who live in colder areas, require more energy to start their boat or car batteries than those who reside in warmer climes.

The CCA rating comes in handy now. It tells you how many amps a charged battery can produce over 30 seconds while preserving at least 7.2 volts at 0°F. 

Honda Civics are famous for their ability to work in snowy conditions. Yet, they still demand batteries with a good CCA value to handle the cold temperatures. 

H6 car batteries have a higher CCA rating, around 720 to 800 Amperes. This figure for H5 batteries is from 600 to 630 Amperes. Hence, H6 is a better option for fighting against harsh conditions. 

Other Car Battery Groups

There are several other car battery group sizes. Aside from groups 47 and 48, you can consider the following options:

  • Group 24: This group has medium-sized batteries that are common in midsize SUVs. It often has a CCA rating of around 500 to 600 amps. 
  • Group 35: Group 35 batteries can fit your needs if you have compact cars. Its CCA rating is around 450 to 550 amps. 
  • Group 78: Full-sized SUVs and sedans usually use this battery size, which has a CCA rating of 650 to 800 amps. 
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Which Should You Choose, H5 Or H6 Car Battery?

Choosing the right car battery for your vehicle is quite tricky because you have various options. But don’t worry! We will share some tips to help you make a good decision. 

Check The Vehicle’s Owner Manual

Each vehicle requires a particular battery. Hence, you can check the recommended battery group size, CCA rating, and RC information in the owner’s manual.  

So can I use an H6 battery instead of H5? Yes, but it’s not the best choice because H5 and H6 batteries have different specifications.

Driving Conditions

If you often drive in extreme weather conditions, such as freezing or scorching temperatures, find a battery with a higher CCA rating. It will offer better resistance to the extremes and keep your car running smoothly. 

Reliable Brands

Car batteries’ weight, size, CCA, and RC vary depending on the brand. Choosing high-quality products from a reputable brand would be better to ensure reliable performance. 

Advice From Experts 

If you have no idea about car batteries, do not panic. We can’t be good at everything. Hence, you can seek assistance from professionals. They can be a qualified mechanic or battery specialist.

Final Verdict

Which is better, H5 vs. H6 car battery? Typically, H6 batteries offer a higher CCA and RC rating, making them an excellent option for all weather conditions. However, the best battery for your vehicle depends on its specific needs, which you can check on the owner’s manual. 

Hopefully, this article can help you choose your vehicle’s car battery. And even when buying a high-quality product, always keep an eye on its performance. Sometimes, it may break down and call for immediate treatment. 


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