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Range Rover Screen Features

Range Rovers have a premium interior, which includes a dashboard with a sizeable infotainment screen controlling the vehicles systems. You can scroll through the infotainment just as you could a smartphone, to access all of its features such as the web browser or Bluetooth. However, the screen can sometimes be slow when completing actions which can be frustrating.

The screen also allows you to use the satellite navigation system, which is easy to use and calculates routes quickly. You can also use Range Rover’s InControl app to mirror your smartphone apps to your infotainment screen.

Several Range Rover owners have complained about experiencing issues with their infotainment screens. Specifically, the Range Rover L405 has had lots of problems since its initial release in 2012. We covered these problems in a recent blog post which you can read here.

Below we will provide you with the best solutions to help you understand how to reset your Range Rover screen.

Solution 1

To reset the screen, press the volume up button and the power button at the same time for 10 – 12 seconds. This will turn off the screen which will naturally reboot, which will make the screen function normally.

Solution 2

If you have the Pivi Pro screen, you can press and hold the physical volume button for 1 minute, which will administer a reset to the infotainment.

Solution 3

If you have the InControl app on your phone, you can park the car, and then use the app to lock the doors. Then manually unlock the doors without using the app, and when you start the car the screen will go back to normal. The InControl app can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Solution 4

If you’re brave, you can find fuse 51 located of the right side of the boot of the Range Rover by opening the side wall in the boot area. Then by manually removing and reinstalling fuse 51, the screen will turn off, reboot, and perform as expected.

Other Range Rover Screen Issues with Solutions

Below are some solutions to common problems Range Rover owners face with their touch screens.

Touch Screen won’t Turn on

If your screen won’t turn on, you must inspect the power supply side of the infotainment. It is likely the problem will be a blown fuse, which will need replaced.

If the fuse seems fine, a short-term fix is to allow your vehicle to sit for 30 minutes and then restart it. It is likely your Range Rover could need a software update as owners have no longer had this problem after multiple rounds of software being installed.

Screen Automatically Switches on and off

In this case, the chances are your Range Rover has a short circuit. To fix this, double-check the condition of your connectors and fuses, and if everything seems okay book an appointment with a car electrician who can repair the issue.

Screen is Frozen

On occasion your screen may freeze. Owners have experienced putting their Range Rover into reverse and the reverse camera remains stuck on the screen, when when no longer in reverse. To resolve this, turn off the vehicle and lock the doors until you see the illuminated red hazard light turn off. This tells you the vehicle is asleep. You can then, unlock and restart your vehicle which should reset the screen which will no longer be frozen.

By following these steps your Range Rover screen will be fixed and return to the way it should function.

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